A passion.

Yeahllow is born from Beatriz's passion.

Beatriz has always been a fashion lover. She studied Marketing and always worked with fashion brands. From an early age, she gave preference to exclusive pieces with history instead of the standard pieces, and the friendly slow fashion instead of the consumerist fast fashion.

It was while living in London that she discovered the charm of being lost in the vintage shops, looking for that piece that filled her soul, that special piece with history.

Now the demand has widened to all the cities where it travels whenever she can, each time with more enthusiasm and demanding criteria.

Exclusive pieces.

Yeahllow pieces are carefully selected and treated with great care.

They are pieces with vintage appeal. Unique pieces with a unique history.

Pieces that can make the difference of an outfit. Pieces that deserve who knows how to appreciate them.


Yeahllow represents a more sustainable way of being fashionable and a contribution to the circular economy. A proof that it is possible to reconciliate fashion and charm with the preservation of natural resources and reduction of waste.

We extend our commitment to sustainability by shipping your orders in recycled packaging.

"Thank you to my family and friends for believing in me and for showing me that the most beautiful things are the simplest."