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Article: Vintage Swimsuits - Go to the beach in style!

Vintage Swimsuits - Go to the beach in style!

Vintage Swimsuits - Go to the beach in style!

From the swimsuit police to the full dresses that the Victorians wore on the beach, the history of swimsuits is surprising.


Swimsuits were invented in the mid-19th century. Its creation arose out of necessity: improvements in the railway systems and other methods of transport finally made swimming and the beach a recreational activity.


The swimsuits of the second half of the 19th century resembled a dress with a belt and trousers. At that time, women were forced to hide their bodies, for this reason, the upper part of the piece was like a dress that hid the figure of the woman.


Only at the turn of the century, when swimming became an Olympic sport, did people realize that the current line of swimwear was not functional. As sport grew, swimsuits became more streamlined and less heavy.


In the 1920s, swimsuits became smaller and their demand increased. Hollywood helped spread the idea that these are sexy and glamorous, a trend that is here to stay!



Although the changes for the generations are of an aesthetic nature, some iconic styles stood out. For example, the red piece that Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra wore for the Baywatch series.



Nowadays, we are back to the trend of swimsuits (instead of the typical bikini) and, if this fashion came from vintage, nothing better than wearing a real vintage piece!


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